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B2B Sales Innovation
Made Easy

Easy to use Online Personalisation for all marketers, 
Plug and play with direct measurable impact  

Get It Done With Segmenteer

Boost your business today with this innovative way of working.   

Turn Visitors in Customers

Segmenteer enables you to connect directly with individual visitors and turn them into customers. Connect with your visitors by using nudging techniques within the content and behaviour.

Realtime Content Personalisation

Segmenteer tracks realtime user behaviour, making use of industry standards like Google Analytics. This behavioural data is used to trigger dynamic and personalised content. All actions and triggers are managed in the intuitive Segmenteer User Interface.

Direct Impact

All personalised content from Segmenteer is tracked realtime and connected to your business goals. Implementation is made simple: no configuration needed! All results of the personalisation are reported in your running dashboards.

Online Personalisation made Easy

User Experience (UX) is everything. Our product is designed in order to have the solution available for no-tech and non-tech marketers. No need to be be a real techie: Segmenteer is easy to use for everyone within your organisation!

The implementation is as easy as the use of the product. Within 3 minutes you are up and running and able to start boosting your business. 


Build a Stronger Relationship with Your Visitors

Understanding the need of your customers and be able to interact on that is key for success.  Segmenteer collects data from your customers on an individual basis and uses this to make real time decisions to connect to your customers as much as possible.

Segment on Customer Value and Behaviour

You stay ahead of the competition by relating to your visitors on a personal level. Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) is an important business driver. Using this in combination with realtime behaviour, Segmenteer enhances your business value with presenting the right message at the right moment. 

Extent the Online Journey to genuine Offline Contact

Segmenteer enables you to track your customers online and gives the opportunity to extend the customer journey offline. When you have contact with a visitor, both inbound as outbound, Segmenteer gives realtime insights to your customer service to make every call effective.

Sales Innovation
Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

Segmenteer enables every person within your organisation to be a pro on Sales Innovation. Contact us and get started!

"We've seen an 34% conversion-rate increase and a value uplift of 18% with the use of Segmenteer. Our sales and service team is happy with the user friendliness and direct impact! "

– G.Versnel, CMO E. Fasteners

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